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Terms and Conditions


The rates herein quoted are to be applied on the actual number of hours, actual weight or actual number of other units of measurement (irrespective of any estimate), and supersede any previous rate quotation, estimates or representations concerning charges to be assessed. The quotations have been made in good faith and are correct to the best of our knowledge. If, however, any rate herein quoted should be found to be in conflict, the carrier’s current rate will supersede any rate quotation herein made.


Sec. 1. OWNERSHIP OF PROPERTY: The customer has represented and warranted to the company that he is the legal owner or in lawful possession of the property and has the legal right and authority to contract for services for all the property tendered, upon provisions, limitations, terms and conditions herein set forth and that there are no existing liens, mortgages or encumbrances on said property. If there be any litigation as a result of the breach of this clause customer agrees to pay all charges that may be due together with such costs and expenses including attorney fees which this company may reasonably incur or become liable to pay in connection therewith and this company shall have a lien on said property for all charges that may be due them as well as for said costs and expenses.

Sec. 2. PAYMENT: Storage accounts are due and payable monthly in advance. Interest will be charged on accounts unpaid for a period of 3 months after they become due. The company has a lien on all goods moved or stored to secure payment for charges for all services rendered. All charges must be paid in cash, money order or certified check before delivery or transfer of goods deposited under this contract and no transfer of title will be recognized unless entered on the books of this company.

Sec. 3. LIABILITY OF THE COMPANY: (a) The company when transporting to or from the warehouse for permanent storage acts as a private carrier only, reserving the right to refuse any order for transportation and in no event is a common carrier. (b) This contract is accepted subject to delay or damages caused by war, insurrection, labor troubles, strikes, Acts of God or the public enemy, riots, the elements, street traffic, elevator service or other causes beyond the control of the company. (c) The company is not responsible for any fragile articles injured or broken, unless packed by its employees and unpacked by them at the time of delivery and in no event shall the company be liable except for its own negligence. The company will not be responsible for mechanical or electrical functioning of any articles such as, but not limited to, pianos, radios, phonographs, television sets, clocks, barometers, mechanical refrigerators or air conditioners whether or not such articles are packed or unpacked by the company. (d) No liability of any kind shall attach to this company for any damage caused to the goods by inherent vice, moths, vermin or other insects, rust, fire, water, deterioration or normal wear and tear and mildew. (e) Unless a greater valuation is stated herein, the depositor or owner declares that the value in case of loss or damage arising out of storage, transportation, packing, unpacking, fumigation, cleaning or handling of the goods and the liability of the company for any claim for which it may be liable for each or any piece or package and the contents thereof does not exceed, and is limited to, that amount per lb. designated on the front of this contract, or, if no amount is designated, to 60 cents per lb. per article for the entire contents of the storage lot, upon which declared or agreed value the rates are based, the depositor or owner having been given the opportunity to declare a higher valuation without limitation in case of loss or damage from any cause which would make the company liable and to pay the higher rate based thereon, and in no event shall the company be liable except for its own negligence. (f) In the event the company shall be requested by the customer to engage the services of others with respect to the transportation, repair, cleaning or servicing of any article, the company shall act as agent for the customer and shall not be liable for any damage arising out of such services rendered by others and shall not be liable for failure to execute any instructions except for such instructions that are in writing and acknowledged in writing by the company. In the event the goods are delivered to another carrier, the company shall not be liable for loss or damage for any cause to said goods unless exception is noted in writing on the delivery receipt of this company when delivery is made. (g) The company shall not be responsible for loss of or damage to any article contained in drawers, or in packages, cases or containers not packed and unpacked by the employees of the company unless such containers are opened for the company inspection and then only for such articles that are specifically listed by the customer and are receipted for the company or its agent. (h) In no event shall the company be responsible for loss or damage to documents, stamps, securities, specie or jewelry unless a special agreement in writing is made between the customer and the company with respect to such articles.

Sec. 4. MINIMUM PERIOD OF STORAGE: On storage accounts, three months storage will be charged for any fraction of the first three months period. Thereafter one months storage will be charged for each month or fraction thereof.

Sec. 5. TERMINATION OF STORAGE: The company reserves the right to terminate storage of the goods at any time by giving the depositor thirty days written notice of its intention to do so, and, unless the depositor removes such goods within that period, the company is hereby empowered to have the same removed at the cost and expense of the depositor, and upon so doing, the company shall be relieved of any liability with respect to such goods therefore and thereafter incurred.

Sec. 6. ADDRESS AND CHANGE: It is agreed that the address of the depositor of goods for storage is as given on the front side of this contract and shall be relied upon by the company as the address of the depositor until change of address is given in writing to the company and acknowledged in writing by the company and notice of any change of address will not be valid or binding upon the company if given or acknowledged in any other manner.

Sec. 7. TIME FOR FILING CLAIMS: (a) As a condition precedent to recovery, claims must be filed in writing with the company within ten days after delivery of property and suit or arbitration, in accordance with the provisions of this contract, must be instituted within six months from the day when notice in writing is given by the company to the customer that the company has disallowed the claim or any part thereof. (b) Where claims are not filed, nor suit or arbitration instituted in accordance with the provisions of this contract, the company shall not be liable for such claims and such claims will not be paid. (c) The company shall have the right to inspect and repair alleged damaged articles.

Sec. 8. GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS: (a) If goods cannot be delivered in the ordinary way by stairs or elevators, the owner agrees to pay an additional charge for hoisting or lowering or other necessary labor to effect delivery. Customer shall arrange in advance for all necessary elevator and other services and any charges for same shall be met by the customer. Customer agrees to pay hourly charge in this contract for waiting time caused by lack of sufficient elevator service. (b) Packing or moving charges do not include the taking down or putting up of curtains, mirrors, fixtures, pictures, electric or other fittings, or the relaying of floor coverings or similar services but if such services are ordered a charge will be made therefore. (c) Company will charge for labor and materials supplied on all access to goods in the warehouse. (d) Platform charge will be made when goods are delivered to an outside truckman.

Sec. 9. CORRECTION OF ERRORS: The depositor agrees that unless notice is given in writing to the company within 15 days after receipt of the inventory list accompanying the warehouse receipt and made a part thereof including any exceptions noted thereon as to the condition of the property when received for storage, the inventory list shall be deemed to be correct and complete.

Sec. 10. CONTROVERSY OF CLAIM: Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this contract, the breach thereof, or the goods affected thereby, whether such claims be found in tort or contract shall be settled by arbitration law of the State of the principle place of business of the company and under the rules of the American Arbitration Association, provided, however, that upon any such arbitration the arbitrator or arbitrators may not vary or modify any of the foregoing provisions.

Sec. 11. AGREEMENT: The contract represents the entire agreement between the parties hereto and cannot be modified except in writing and shall be deemed to apply to all the property whether household goods or goods of any other nature or description which the company may now or any time in the future store, pack, transport, or ship for the owner’s account. INSURANCE/FULL VALUE PROTECTION STORAGE-LIMITED FULL COVERAGE - This evidence protects against all risk of direct physical loss of or damage to the described property from any external cause including incidental pick up and delivery by the warehouseman’s vehicles within a radius of fifty miles for household goods held on deposit incidental to transportation. No Insurance/Full Value Protection is placed unless requested and coverage appears on face hereof and premium is paid. If protection so placed, subject to existing conditions and exclusions contained in the Master Policy of Insurance and/or Certificate of Full Value Protection, a copy of which is available for inspection at the office of the company accepting the property for storage. Coverage applies to Household Goods as defined in such Master Policy and/or Certificate, subject to property excluded therein and excluding accounts, bills, currency, deeds, evidences of debt, money, jewelry, notes or securities, furs or garments trimmed with fur. This evidence or the Master Policy and/or Certificate, does not insure the described property against: (a) Loss or damage from insects, moths, vermin, inherent vice, deterioration, dampness of atmosphere, extremes of temperature, nor from ordinary wear and tear; or damage sustained during any cleaning, repairing, restoration or retouching process, unless caused by fire; or spoilage of the contents of deep freezers, however caused; the mechanical or electrical derangement of television sets, radios, refrigerators, deep freezers, washing machines, unless evidenced by external damage to such equipment. (b) Nor against those perils excluded by the Nuclear Exclusion Clause and War Risk Exclusion Clause set forth in the printed “Conditions” of the Master Policy and/or Certificate. Unless caused by accident or rough handling and there is physical evidence of breakage of brittle articles same is not covered unless goods have been packed and unpacked, by our Company. Goods must be covered to full value. In event the actual cash value of the property covered being in excess of the amount declared, it is agreed that the shipper shall be regarded as his or her own Insurer for the difference and shall bear that portion of any loss which the noncovered amount bears to the actual cash value of said property. Insurance and/or Full Value Protection may be cancelled at any time by the customer or the Company in compliance with those sections of the Master Policy and/or Certificate of Full Value Protection. Notice mailed to the last known address of the customer shall be deemed sufficient notice.

Privacy Policy
We recognize the importance of protecting the privacy of your personal information. This Privacy Policy outlines how we collect and manage your personal information and safeguard your privacy.

We are responsible for the personal information that we collect and hold.

What Personal Information Do We Collect?

We collect your information related to your order including contact information, information respecting your service requirements, credit card information and information relating to move claims.

Generally, we collect this information from you at the time of preparing a quotation or proposal for services or other product supply, or at a later date as may be required. However, we may also collect some of this information from third parties.

How Do We Use and Disclose the Information that We Collect?

We use and may disclose your personal information for the following purposes:

- to prepare service and/or product proposals and to process and provide services and products;
- to monitor the performance of our services;
- for settlement of cargo claims;
- for billing and financial administrative purposes;
- to better understand your needs and how we may improve our products and services;
for customer service purposes, including future communications with you;
- to notify you of our other products and services which may be of interest to you; and
- to comply with any legal or regulatory requirements.

We may disclose your information without your consent in circumstances permitted or required by law.

Your Consent

By providing us with your personal information in connection with a product or service order, you are deemed to consent to our collection of that information for the above purposes, including any collection from third parties. If we propose to use or disclose your personal information for purposes that we have not described to you previously, we will seek a new consent from you for such purposes.

If you do not wish us to notify you of our partners’ other products or services or to provide your contact information to our partners to offer you products or services that may be of interest to you, you may contact our office at any time by phone or email.

Security of Your Information

We use appropriate physical, administrative and technological measures to protect your personal information against loss or theft and against unauthorized access, use, disclosure, copying or modification.

Access to Your Information

By contacting our Privacy Office, you may request at any time a copy of any of your personal information that we hold and may request us to update that information or change your authorization for use or sharing of your information.